A Case of the Mondays – Tuesday Edition

March 7, 2017

Well I forgot to do my Monday post yesterday! Hopefully you’ll forgive me that this is a day late. However, today does FEEL like a Monday, so there’s that! Last week was an amazing week! I launched my brand new website and blog that I have been working on for so long! I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels to have that off my shoulders (you can read more about the launch on this post). It wasn’t what I would call the smoothest process. I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and every time I would think the website was done, I would change something else. Ultimately though, I think it was for the best because I am IN LOVE with my new site! I keep looking at it online because I can’t believe it’s mine. It feels so good to finally have a place online that represents me and my business so much better!

Anyways, if you haven’t heard I’m doing a fun giveaway to celebrate the launch! I really wanted to do something big that I haven’t done before and so I have decided to give away a completely FREE sweetheart shoot!! I am over the moon excited about this and I can’t wait to see who wins. Sweetheart shoots are my name for couple shoots. It encompasses all the types of couple shoots that I do: maternity, engagement, or anniversary. Know someone who falls in that category who might want to enter? Do you want to enter? You can learn more and enter HERE. Entries close on Friday and the winner will be announced Saturday right here on the blog!

As usual, last week in the Schaefer house:

  • The weather was a bit insane. One day it would be in the 20’s, the next day in the 70’s. It made for very difficult outfit planning!
  • Toby and I finished the Netflix series “OJ: Made in America” and OH. MY GOODNESS. I can’t believe he got off for those murders. I never knew the details about that trial because I was so little when it was going on, so learning about it was pretty crazy. After watching it I may or may not have spent a long time reading news articles about it online. How on earth did they say the glove didn’t fit when he had rubber gloves on too?! So crazy.
  • Most of last week consisted of late nights putting the finishing touches on my website and blog. It feels SO GOOD to know that’s done now.
  • I had a co-work day with two of my friends who work from home. We also made really delicious Whole 30 approved pizza (although I may or may not have brought cheese to put on mine. What can I say? I like cheese). One of my friends also gave me another healthy recipe that I added a couple things to and that will be the recipe this week! We’ll call it “Kale Stir Fry”.
    • Ingredients: Chopped Kale, diced onion, diced tomato, mushrooms, garlic, chicken, and sunflower seeds. Saute in a pan with olive oil, salt & pepper. It’s so good people! Even Toby loved it and he hates kale.
  • Yesterday I got to do a little mini “baby announcement/maternity shoot” for two close friends! Here’s a little sneak peak until I share the rest later this week.

Virginia Maternity Photographer | chelsea Schaefer Photography | jeschke

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