A Case of the Mondays

April 24, 2017

Okay so clearly I have missed a few Mondays! I hope you will forgive me for the lack of blogging, but y’all it has been a crazy long few weeks. I will spare you all of the miserable details, but Toby got sick back on March 21st and just got better last week! It was about 4 weeks of very little sleep, daily doctors appointments/scans/blood work, and one very sick husband. Of course it was right when my season started, so I was trying to take care of him in between engagement shoots, weddings, meetings, editing, etc. Oh and did I also mention I was throwing a baby shower during this time? I am still catching up on sleep.

Lessons learned during this whole sick period:

  1. Be an advocate for your significant other! You may catch things that the doctors don’t. You see each other every day and know what is normal. Go in to your appointments with a list of symptoms and questions. It’s completely okay to push a little if you don’t think they are taking something seriously enough! For instance, I look into Toby’s handsome eyes every single day. I noticed they started turning yellow and he was itching like crazy. At our next doctors appointment, I told the doctor and she said he didn’t look yellow to her and his liver numbers from 7 days prior were completely fine. I pushed for her to run them again and thank goodness I did because they were ridiculously high! She definitely acknowledged the jaundice after that.
  2. Stay off Google. I was not good at this one. While Google can be great for helping you figure out what questions to ask the doctor, it is not ever a good idea to Google during the height of the unknown. Toby had some very scary symptoms and while it was important to document them and make sure we brought them to the doctors attention, Googling them was causing us (okay me) so much unnecessary anxiety.
  3. Document EVERYTHING. I kept a running list in my phone of every symptom, when it started, and how frequent. We weren’t sure if some things were symptoms, but we wrote them down anyways. I kept a list of every doctors appointment, scan, blood work, lab results, etc. and it was so helpful. Since we were seeing multiple doctors, it was important to have that information. We had appointments every day with different doctors and they didn’t always fax things over in time, so it was so good to have everything written down.

After all of that Toby has thankfully improved significantly! He still has a few lingering symptoms, but he is back to work and is just about back to his normal self. We had so many people praying for him and offering to help in any way they could and we can’t say thank you enough to everyone!

Aside from Toby being sick, here’s what else happened in the Schaefer house over the last four weeks:

  • We spent Easter with my family at the beach! It was the perfect timing for Toby and I. He was feeling a little better but was still supposed to be resting, so having a few days to just lay around and not have to do anything was exactly what he needed! A little R&R, sun, and family time was exactly what we BOTH needed. My family was also celebrating my mom and stepdad’s very first marriage anniversary! One year of us being a big happy family! You can read more about their wedding day last year and our big brady bunch style family HERE.

  • I’ve had my first two weddings of the year!! Last year my first two weddings were in May and they were absolutely freezing and rainy/windy. This year it has been sunny and warm for my first two April weddings. I’m hoping that’s a good sign for all of this year’s weddings! I’ve also had a few engagement shoots. All of these will be coming to the blog soon, but I’ll share a few sneaks below 🙂

  • Over the past few weeks I’ve helped throw two baby showers for one of my friends Beth and my sister-in-law Patricia! They were definitely Pinterest worthy. I’m still dreaming about all of the food. I made these amazing Brown Butter Peach cupcakes that I am now obsessed with! They make a perfect spring dessert and you should definitely make them.

  • The biggest change over the last few weeks is that I chopped off all of my hair! About 13 inches to be exact. That’s taking some getting used to!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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