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May 31, 2017

I learned at this Brookside Gardens engagement session that the best way to break the ice with your clients is to fall down right at the beginning of the shoot! Yep, I fell! It wasn’t graceful either. I went to take a step backwards to get a picture from further back and I didn’t realize there was a cement ledge behind me. It knocked me over to one side, my camera smacked the ground, I think I rolled, it was not pretty. Then when I stood up, I realized I had taken a huge chunk out of my heel and was bleeding and hobbling for the rest of the shoot! On the bright side, since I was embarrassed right off the bat it really did break the ice and help Cheyenne and Mason feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera! I guess you could call that a win!

Cheyenne and I Skyped several months ago to talk about her wedding and the plans and she is such a laid back, easy going person. When we began to plan her engagement shoot, I was over the moon when they chose Brookside Gardens! Although it’s a little far from me, it’s one of my absolute favorite locations (you can see more brookside gardens shoots here and here) and I’m always so happy when people choose it! First of all, the rose garden is a serious dream. I was there a week or two before and nothing was blooming so I was a little nervous we wouldn’t get any roses yet, but when I walked over to the garden I was so stunned to see just how many gorgeous flowers there were!

Engagement shoots might be one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding process. It’s 90 minutes where I get to really get to know my couples. I see them interact, I hear about their wedding plans, I learn more about who they are, and by the time their wedding rolls around I don’t feel like the hired help to take pictures, I feel like the honored friend who gets to capture their day that we have been waiting for! That was definitely the case with Cheyenne and Mason. Getting to see the two of them interact with each other was so fun. They are always laughing and smiling together and both of them were so comfortable and able to be themselves despite the paparazzi (me) being in their face with a camera! Their wedding day sounds like it’s going to be one big celebration with all of their best friends and just WAIT until you see her dress! She showed me a picture after our shoot and let’s just say I can’t wait to get that dress in front of my camera!

Cheyenne and Mason, thanks so much for driving all the way to southern Maryland for your engagement pictures! Also thanks for not laughing too hard at me when I completely toppled to the ground camera in hand (don’t worry it’s okay and so are your pictures!). I loved exploring Brookside and laughing with you guys. Thanks for walking slow as I hobbled along! I can’t wait for your wedding this September! Here are my favorites from your engagement session.

Brookside Gardens Engagement | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Cheyenne & Mason

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