Theodore Roosevelt Island Sweetheart | Courtney & JJ

August 7, 2017

Do these two look familiar? You might remember Courtney and JJ from their Georgetown engagement shoot not too long ago! I was so excited when they decided to do another shoot this summer. Typically I don’t get to see my couples again until the wedding, so it was nice to catch up with them a bit! They wanted to do another shoot so they could get some family pictures with their sweet little puppy, Rey. Is Rey not the cutest?

We met up at Theodore Roosevelt Island and I was sort of amazed that it was in DC! I’ve never actually been there before and I didn’t think there was actually greenery anywhere in the city. It’s actually a really huge island with walking trails and fountains! There may be more too it, I’m not even sure because we only explored a small portion of it.

Rey is the cutest little pup. They rescued her when she was just a baby! I love when people give dogs a loving home so they don’t have to live in a shelter. And let me tell you, Rey is absolutely loved! It was sweet to see Courtney and JJ so excited over everything she does. Rey gets lots of snuggles, treats, and is even learning a few tricks!

This won’t be the last you see of these three on the blog! In just under two months, they are getting married and Rey may or may not be making an appearance at their wedding! Courtney & JJ, hope you guys love my favorites from your shoot!

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