Bethany & David | Shadow Creek Wedding

September 14, 2017

When the weatherman started saying that Hurricane Harvey would be sending its leftover rain up to Virginia the weekend of Bethany and David’s Shadow Creek wedding, I ordered several more clear umbrellas (thank GOODNESS because they came in so handy)! Seriously if you are ever going somewhere with me and it starts raining, you know we will be prepared because there is now an arsenal of clear umbrellas in my trunk at all times. I’m not even joking I think there are 13! While no one ever wishes for rain on their wedding day, I always tell my brides that even if it rains, you still get amazing pictures! Rainy pictures are some of my favorite and the most romantic. Just think about it: husband and wife, cuddled up close under a bubble umbrella so they can stay warm and dry, the rain giving off an amazing “fog” effect, every picture looks like it’s from “The Notebook”.

Bethany, David and all of their family and friends were so amazing. They all worked together to make sure everything went off without a hitch and they gave these two such a memorable day! The party was going on all day long which helped keep the excitement up. I have to give a shoutout to their awesome bridal party. We were on a bit of a crunch with the rain so we didn’t have all the time in the world to take bridal party pictures. We wanted to keep everyone nice and dry before the ceremony, give the ladies some time to do touch ups, and give me some time to grab detail shots untouched since no one could wait outside. Typically, large bridal parties tend to take longer to shoot (mostly due to the fact that it just takes longer to pose so many people, but there are other factors like alcohol that can add to the time!) so I was a little nervous we wouldn’t be able to do it, but everyone listened SO WELL. They were so attentive, kind and helpful that we got pictures done on half the time I was expecting! They have the best friends.

Some other time savers? Bethany and David remembered all of their posing from their engagement shoot so when I would say “alright, mom shot!” they would jump right in! Bethany also did a bridal session with me which meant we didn’t have to take those pictures on the day of the wedding. All of it was so helpful! These two are the best. I had so much fun taking pictures with them and somehow Bethany’s hair still looked amazing after shooting in the rain all day!

Some of my favorite moments of the day:

  • The first look! This is always a favorite for me. I will never take for granted getting to capture the sweet moment when a groom sees his wife to be for the first time. David may have teared up a bit!
  • How much fun Bethany and David have together! During bride and groom portraits, they were laughing so much together and it made me so happy to see how in love they are.
  • All of Bethany’s amazing details! Seriously she did SUCH a good job putting this wedding together. It’s every country girl’s dream! They had boots with their college logo on them, a whisky bar, an ice cream truck (yes, an actual ice cream truck), the cutest wooden signs, sunflowers, pushup cake pops, country song lyrics everywhere, and an American flag send off that would make Uncle Sam proud.
  • The father daughter dance! Bethany’s dad said that he has always referred to her as his princess and seeing them both cry and hold one another during the father daughter dance was such a sweet moment.
  • They had the best “anniversary dance” I have ever seen. You know that dance where all the couples come out on the dance floor and then they make you sit down based on how long you’ve been married? Well at the very end, one sweet man was left looking for his wife. He cheered for her as she came onto the dance floor, and then was beaming and crying as they danced together! They have been together for 55 years. I was a puddle.
  • The line dancing! It was so fun seeing everyone boot stomp and line dance (including Bethany in her wedding dress, my kinda bride)! I also may have line danced with my camera. No shame.

Bethany and David, your wedding was such a joyful day and I was so glad to be a part of it! I love how easy going and excited you both were all day. You were so willing to go out in the rain and take pictures together and make the most of the weather situation! Your reception was incredibly fun. You are both so clearly loved and I have no doubt that it is because of how well you love everyone around you! I hope you’re loving being husband and wife. Here are my favorites from your day!

Photography: Chelsea Schaefer Photography | Venue: Shadow Creek | Coordinator and Catering: Catering by Uptown | Bridal Gown: All The Rage | Florals: Susan Wenger | Desserts: Unique Sweets | DJ: Dave McCollough | Assistant Photographer: Katie Lewis Photography

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  1. rachel

    September 18th, 2017 at 9:25 am

    tear jerking pictures yet again! All those beautiful memories captured in beautiful pictures forever!!