Excellence Riviera Maya Anniversary Photos

September 1, 2017

A few weeks ago, Toby and I went on vacation with two of our best friends, Lindsay & Jason! it was honestly one of our favorite vacations we have ever taken and I highly recommend vacationing with friends. I’ll blog all about our trip later (or if you followed my insta stories that week you probably lived it with me!) but in the meantime I’m sharing the nice pictures! While we were there, I insisted that we all take some anniversary photos. Toby and my anniversary was in June and Lindsay and Jason’s was a week before we left for the trip. How could we not?

I also happened to run into an old friend in Mexico! What a small world. Out of all the resorts in Cancun and all the times to go, it’s still crazy to me that we just happened to be there at the same time. I have known Landon since we were little kids (think middle school, maybe even earlier, I don’t actually remember when we met). We went to the same church and school growing up and we were good friends for years! I hadn’t seen him since high school. I couldn’t believe that we were all there at the same time!

I let Landon and his new wife Ashleigh know that we were taking pictures and they should join us and I’m so glad they did! One of my biggest regrets from our honeymoon was that I only took one picture of us. It was the greatest week ever and we locked our phones away for the week, but we didn’t bring a camera! So on our last day when we were waiting for our taxi to the airport, I pulled my phone out and had someone take a picture of us. I’m glad Landon and Ashleigh will have a few nice pictures to remember their honeymoon! If honeymoon shoots aren’t already a thing, we should definitely make them one.

So for our “photoshoot”, we decided that since we dress up every night for the restaurants anyways, we would just grab a few photos before dinner one night! It worked perfectly. We got to float around the pool all day, and during the time we normally went back to the room to relax before dinner, we got ready instead! The guys grabbed a drink at the martini bar where we met up and then we walked around the resort to take a few pictures. Here are some of my favorites! Also thankful for Lindsay who took a few pictures of Toby and I! 

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