Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding | Ashley & Steve

October 25, 2017

I’m going to have a really hard time keeping this blog post short. This Lake Tahoe destination wedding was my very first destination wedding! Not only that, but it was also Toby’s first time second shooting for me, it was a wedding for two of my good friends, and it was our first time on the west coast. We had such an amazing time out there and I will blog all about our trip later, but for now I’m going to share about this amazing wedding! I met Ashley through the photography world. She is also a wedding photographer so when she asked me to capture their wedding, I was so honored! Then she told me it was going to be a destination wedding and I was freaking out. I feel like i’ve been counting down to this wedding forever and I can’t believe it’s over and I’m blogging it now!

Toby and I flew in a day early hoping to drive around and get our bearings, find some great picture locations, and adjust to the time change a little bit. We flew into Reno and drove south down to our hotel. It was warm and sunny when we landed, but as we headed south towards the lake, it started to snow. I know, crazy right?! We were pretty baffled by the weather! It was snowing like crazy by the time we made it down to our hotel. The roads were pretty bad and we couldn’t see the mountains. I was nervous that the views wouldn’t be there for the wedding, but thankfully when we woke up it was a gorgeous day!

We drove to the cabin where the bridal party was staying. It was right on the lake and so cozy! I sent Toby off with the guys while I captured Ashley getting into her dress and he did a pretty good job! I have to say I was so impressed with him all day. He may put me out of a job! Some of my favorite pictures from the day were actually Toby’s! I love that the bridal party and family all stayed in this awesome cabin together. Ashley and Steve made every effort to make this trip fun for everyone who came. Once they were both dressed, we did their first look in the back yard. I was blown away by the amazing views we had just at the house! We hadn’t even gotten to the venue yet.

The bridal party all took a shuttle from the cabin to their venue and on the way, Toby and I passed this amazing overlook that I knew we just had to stop at. I called Ashley and she was more than willing to have the whole shuttle stop! Gotta love having trusting brides. She didn’t even question it! The pictures were more than worth it. When we got to the venue, Toby and I were blown away by this gorgeous place! Ashley said it was a restaurant and I had seen some pictures online, but none of the pictures I had seen in advance did this place justice. The restaurant has a private beach where the ceremony was, a gorgeous dock and a little shack on the water that’s actually a bar! Cocktail hour was out there it was great.

I really could go on and on and on about this day, but I’ve already typed a lot so I will sum the whole day up here. The views were incredible, it snowed/hailed/sleeted then the sun came out just before the ceremony which was perfect, it was such a beautiful and intimate day with their closest family and friends, the vendors were a dream to work with, and Ashley looked stunning. She had the most amazing flowers! I also loved the bridesmaids mix matched dresses. Her whole vision for the day was executed so well and I felt so honored to be a part of it!

There was a very big surprise during the reception! Ashley and the single girls all lined up for the bouquet toss, but instead of tossing it, Ashley turned around and handed it to on of her good friends. She pulled her onto the middle of the dance floor and spun her around where her boyfriend was down on one knee PROPOSING!! Everyone was screaming and cheering and her reaction was priceless. It’s so selfless of Ashley to share her big day with one of her best friends! And for those of you wondering, it was her idea. That’s what a great friend she is!

Ashley and Steve, you two are the best. Toby and I still talk about how much fun your wedding was and just how great the day was! The fact that you gave us seats at your reception and constantly made time to chat with us meant so much. You loved every one of your guests who traveled for you so well and I think that speaks volumes about how you will love each other in marriage. The four of us need to get together again soon! Hope you guys love reliving your day!

Guys Toby took this!! Such a proud wife over here.

Toby’s angle again. I was so excited going through his pictures!

These awesome stairs led to the cabin they stayed at

This overlook!! I can’t handle it. It looks like a painting.

Toby’s shot, I love that you can really see all the snow in this one. It snowed so much!

That little shack on the water is a bar where they held cocktail hour! It was amazing

You guys need to help me convince Toby to be my permanent second shooter. His shot again!

Loved his angle here!

It started snowing again right as we finished pictures while Toby and I were doing detail shots. Thankfully the sun came back out before their ceremony!

One of my favorite shots Tobe got!

We love you two!!

Toby said to make sure I give him credit for any good ones he got, so this was his too 🙂

It started sleeting/snowing again during golden hour, so we broke out the umbrella!

Alright here’s where it gets good! The girl in the red dress has no idea what’s coming…

Then Ashley spins her around and her face is priceless!! Love these so much!

Congrats Kelvin and Amanda!!

Ashley got them these amazing shirts.

This cutie wandered up to Toby, hugged his leg and stayed with him for a little while. So sweet!

Photography: Chelsea Schaefer Photography | Venue: Chambers Landing Bar & Grill | Florals: Blake’s Floral Design | Bridal Gown: Ava Laurenne Bride | Hair & Makeup: Champagne Beauty Bar | Cake Artist: Delicious Designs | Stationery: Minted | Deejay: Kristin Case | Officiant: Jackie Phillips

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  1. Steven L Fleming

    October 25th, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Chelsea, you and Toby did a marvelous job!! We are so lucky to have had the two of you there not only as our amazing photographers, but also as friends, thank you both so much!


  2. Laura Stewart

    October 25th, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    You did an amazing job for Steven and Ashley’s special day😍 The pictures are wonderful!!!!
    Thank you and Toby ❤

  3. Ashley Fleming

    October 26th, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Chelsea & Tobin (I feel like I can call you that now) — we loved having you at our wedding as friends and photographers! You BOTH did AMAZING, and we had so much fun with you guys! So many people were complimenting our photographers all night long and still haven’t stopped talking about you guys! It’s funny because some people were like, “did you know these people before your wedding? You seem so close to them!” LOL. Yes, yes we did! We knew we had to have them here, so here they are! WE LOVE THE PICTURES and cannot wait to see the rest! You tha besttttt! <3 xOxO!