We’re Having a Baby!

December 20, 2017

Wow I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post right now. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!! I still can’t believe it! We heard from multiple doctors that we would have a hard time getting pregnant due to a few health issues I have. Praise God that He had different plans for us! This has all been in His timing and it’s pretty crazy how it all worked out. We will definitely ask for your prayers for me and sweet baby Schaefer throughout this pregnancy. So far everything has gone really well and we are confident it will stay that way, but we will take all the prayers we can get! If you’re wanting all the details of everything over the last few months, stay tuned, I’ve got you covered.

How I found out

I was sure that I wasn’t pregnant, but decided to take a test for fun. I went back and forth on if I should even buy it in the store. It was early and I was so sure that I wasn’t pregnant, but I figured why not? They come in a two pack so I figured I would have one for the future when I actually needed it. Toby was working so I came home, took the test and after only 5 seconds, that second pink line showed up. I was SHOCKED. I really didn’t believe it at first. I always thought it would hit me immediately after seeing that line, but it really didn’t! I was shaking and in complete disbelief and definitely didn’t have that “feeling” that some women talk about. I didn’t feel like a mom right away, I didn’t feel pregnant. All of those feelings definitely came, but they just didn’t hit all at once like I expected! What hit first was the shock of it all (and the realization that the countdown to having to go through labor had started).

Toby was at work until 3, I took the test at 1, and thus began the longest two hours of my life. I saw the line and thought “there’s no way, no there is no way this must be wrong.” I was so sure that I wasn’t pregnant. It was the most excited and terrified I have ever felt at once! I couldn’t give Toby that kind of news over the phone while he was at work, so I knew if I was going to make it until 3, I had to get out of the house. I was shaking still (I pretty much was shaking all day) and I needed to do something to pass the time.

How I Told Toby

I decided to go look at maternity and baby clothes at Target while I waited. I bought a cute little onesie that said “the adventure begins” and some beer for Toby (tip for wives: beer is a great idea), then I came home and wrapped up the little baby onesie, the positive test, and waited. I think I blew up Toby’s phone asking him when he was coming home.

As soon as I heard the door open, I opened a beer for him and met him at the stairs. He took his sweet time getting changed and drinking the beer before getting around to open his gift. He said I was shaking while I was sitting there haha. I guess I was still freaking out! When he opened it, he was in complete shock. I don’t even remember what he said but I think it was silence then “oh my gosh, are you serious?” then lots of hugging and tears (from me) while we let it sink in. After a few hours of processing, we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate! I’m so glad we did that because it really helped my nerves to disappear and the excitement to take over. I had to order a water and Toby was very excited at the realization that he will have a DD for the next 9 months.

Telling Family

We both have HUGE families so we had lots of people to tell! About half of Toby’s family lives local and we do family dinner once a week, so we announced it at family dinner! Toby offered to pray for the meal and at the end prayed for our little baby too. There was lots of cheering and everyone was pretty shocked! For his family that doesn’t live nearby, we FaceTimed everyone and told them. Lots of surprised faces and cheers! I don’t think anyone was expecting us to be having a baby anytime soon.

We waited to tell my family until Thanksgiving. I really wanted to tell everyone at the same time, so I bought a cute shirt that says “extra thankful this year” and has little baby foot prints underneath. I got them all in the kitchen one morning and asked if they liked my shirt! Once they caught on, there was a lot of screaming, crying, and hugging. Toby and I tried to video all of the reactions that we could! I completely forgot to take a picture in the shirt in all the excitement.

I’ve been jotting down everything over the past few weeks so I could share it with you when I was finally allowed. I didn’t want to forget anything! So here is what it’s been like since we found out:

  • HOLY NAUSEA. Preggie pops and honey nut cheerios have been my best friends. I found that if I keep some food in my stomach at all times, its more manageable.
  • I sleep. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m not even kidding I really can’t make it through a day without a nap. I think fatigue is probably one of the symptoms I’ve experienced the worst.
  • Cramps have been miserable and unbearable! Cramps aren’t a typical symptom for everyone and in the beginning they were very concerning, but now we know they are just due to my fibroids and that the baby is perfectly fine. I on the other hand have been in a lot of pain this pregnancy! Cramps have ranged from mild to excruciating and have lasted up to 15 hours at a time. There is a good chance they will continue throughout the whole pregnancy. Pray for me.
  • I have already had 7 ultrasounds! I feel super thankful for that aspect of being high risk. I know some women only get to see their babies 2-3 times the whole pregnancy so I am fortunate that I get one pretty much every time I go to the doctor!
  • Yes, we have baby names, yes we are keeping them a secret!
  • We obviously will be happy with a healthy baby, but Toby really wants a boy and I really want a girl. One of us will be very happy at 20 weeks (we are DEFINITELY finding out!)
  • Toby has been amazing. On multiple occasions he has gone to the store at odd hours to get me whatever I need or want.
  • He has also come with me to almost every doctors appointment! I love having him there. And I have had A LOT of doctors appointments so he is a real champ.
  • Cravings? I always want french fries and ketchup. I also had a real need for mozzarella sticks. I also want them again now that I just typed that so I may go get some.
  • Strangest thing I’ve eaten? Nothing really strange, but we had these spicy pickles that were amazing and I was eating them with salt and vinegar chips and when the pickles were gone I was dipping the chips in the pickle juice. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten but everyone told me it was gross.
  • I have had a few things that I think taste like they’ve gone bad but everyone else told me they tasted normal. I ate cookies that tasted like soap, ice that tasted like bananas (yes, ice), and apple cider that I legitimately thought had gone horribly rancid but everyone else said was fine.
  • Food aversions? As of the past few weeks, I can no longer eat much meat. Chicken is fine, but ground beef, pork, steak, pretty much anything else hasn’t been sitting well with me.
  • Smells? I can smell everything. The smell of chili makes me want to throw up (specifically the chili they sell at the grocery store, I hate walking anywhere near it) and if the dog is anywhere near me his breath makes me nauseous.
  • My sisters somehow may be even more excited than me. They downloaded the app and text me all the time asking how the baby is doing. They will be great Aunts!
  • I always thought it was silly when people who weren’t showing would put their hands on their bellies but now I totally get it. I am always talking to the baby and resting my hand on my stomach!
  • I’ve made it through several engagement shoots and two weddings while being pregnant so far!
  • At my doctors yesterday, I had an amazing ultrasound tech who spent almost 2 hours with me taking pictures of absolutely everything he could! I got to see the baby somersaulting, moving it’s little hands up to it’s face, flipping around, and wiggling – it was so cute.  The doctor said if I wanted to know, he could already tell me if the baby was a boy or girl! Sadly, this was the one appointment Toby hasn’t been able to come to so I decided to wait until we could find out together. I tried to get him to write it down for us but he wouldn’t.
  • As of this week (week 12) my jeans are no longer buttoning well so I have to use the ponytail holder trick.


We took this after our third ultrasound! You can’t even see the baby yet, just a yolk sac but I made them print me a picture anyways!

6 week ultrasound, finally you can see our little one!

Baby and I went to vote

Toby and I over thanksgiving break! Still not sure how to take these “hand on belly” pictures.

Two very excited Aunts!

Baby Schaefer at 9 weeks. They grow so fast!

Me, Becky, and my tiny bump at Morgan’s wedding! Okay okay it was more bloat than baby but a girl can pretend.

So many pictures from yesterday’s scan! You can’t even see them all in this they reach all the way to the ground.

12 week baby Schaefer! Looking so much like a baby.

A few of our announcement pictures 🙂

And if you made it this far (you’re a champ), here is a little montage of some of our favorite reactions from friends and family! We weren’t able to record telling everyone, but we did manage to get a few!

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  1. Catherine

    December 20th, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    I loved reading this whole post!! So exciting! And the video of the reactions is such an awesome idea! Congratulations!

  2. keera Miller

    December 20th, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    Awwww. Tears of joy and excitement!!
    What wonderful news. I did not know that there were concerns, but that makes me even all the more excited and thankful!! You both will make great parents!!!! Love to you 3!!! (And Chewy)

  3. Tricia Alford

    December 21st, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Love this, especially the video!
    Lol, Courtney “I can keep secrets!” 😂
    Love you!!!