March 3, 2017

SURPRISE!! I just Beyonce style dropped my new website, and in my personal, completely biased opinion, it’s the best thing ever. I have secretly been pouring so many hours into this new brand and I can’t believe it’s LIVE! You are currently reading this post on my brand new blog and I love knowing that […]

February 27, 2017

I don’t know about y’all but I was not ready for the weekend to be over! Toby took Friday off and we drove down to Chesapeake Virginia (my home town) for a little weekend vacation! When I saw that it was going to be 80 degrees down there in February, we couldn’t NOT go. Nothing […]

February 20, 2017

Happy Monday friends! It’s definitely a happy Monday around the Schaefer house because Toby has the day off. Long weekends are the best! And to make the long weekend even better, we have had a little bit of summer weather in February. Last week was such a fun week. We celebrated Valentine’s Day, had beautiful […]

February 13, 2017

Happy Monday y’all! You may have noticed I’ve been blogging a lot more lately (about time, am I right?). My new years goal is to become a much better blogger! I think I’ve done an okay job so far, but I’m realizing that being a better blogger means having some sort of plan for blogging. […]

February 7, 2017

Dear 2016 couples, Where do I even begin? The year is over, you are all married, and some of you are almost to your very first wedding anniversary. There are so many things I want to say, but first let me just start with thank you. Each and every one of you welcomed me into […]